About Us

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As committed vegans for several years we have recently seen a very big shift in the collective consciousness regarding factory farming and animal well-being. As ethical vegans our interest has always been about living a cruelty free life and now with the general acceptance that the meat industry is very damaging to the environment we have seen many people swiftly changing their habits and becoming generally more aware.

We had felt for sometime that we should invest some money in a vegan business and we struggled to find great shoes. We could buy synthetic shoes but knew they wouldn't necessarily be cruelty free, we could buy shoes from large brands who made a token vegan range or we could buy from other vegan manufacturers but felt the design choice wasn't there.

Vegan, cruelty free shoes was a great starting point for a business that we can grow and nurture over time. We have taken Ellen MacArthur's circular economy thinking to secure the least environmental impact from our production, we're very conscious of our footprint and strive to be as carbon neutral as possible.

By ensuring that we keep our products made in the UK, we believe we can help the environment in a positive way. We are extremely pleased with the strong composition of our footwear, they are all Goodyear welted which means they are repairable so we're confident they will last a long time if well looked after.

We have opted for a gender fluid collection, we love the idea that there are no boundaries to cross in what we create. Most unisex shoe brands have a women's and men's last but we have chosen not to make any distinction, everything is made on one last. We hope you like them.